The difference between Chiropody and Podiatry
What is the difference between a Podiatrist and a Chiropodist? The word Podiatry stems from the Greek "podis" (foot) and "iatria" (healing/physician). The titles of Chiropody and Podiatry are now protected titles. Only those who have successfully completed a 3 year full time course can call themselves a Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered Chiropodist/Podiatrist. To continue registration, we must undertake continuing professional development every year. This keeps us up to date with current medical knowledge.

You will find that the term Podiatrist is used more and more when you might expect to see the term Chiropodist. There are two reasons for this:

The first is to align the title with therapists from other countries and the second is that Chiropody tends to be palliative treatment (eg. removing hard skin) and Podiatry aims to be corrective (eg. looking for the cause of the hard skin, and preventing it from happening again).

 In this practice we deliver the right mix of both Chiropody and Podiatry for each individual

  The Partners @ Northgate Podiatry

Jim and Penny Waters

We met while training at the Chelsea School of Chiropody (London, England) in 1974. Once we had completed the 3 year course leading to the then State Registration (now HCPC), we moved to Bury St Edmunds to commence our careers in the National Health Service (NHS).

Both of us are keen to embrace beneficial new technology, skills and knowledge which advance our professional scope of practice.

In the mid '90s we developed our role as consultants to the footware industry, by introducing a Podiatry concept to Clarks Shoes International. So impressed were they that it resulted in the innovative C-System footbed being incorporated in a range of mens sandals.
A picture of Jim Waters Jim started the practice here in Bury St Edmunds in 1979. Over the last 34 years he has built it up into a thriving and innovative business.

He has been a very keen sportsman - he's given up the contact sports, and enjoys road cycling - and therefore has a great deal of empathy with those looking to maintain and improve fitness, or recover from injury.

He has extensive knowledge and experience in biomechanics (if you don't know - how it works, how can you fix it, improve it or maintain it!).

Jim also has extensive knowledge in physical conditioning - helping you to get the most out of your sports activity.

Jim has devised many training programmes, differing from most as they are physiology based. An important factor with these programmes is reducing the risk of injury.

He studied for a Masters degree in the Science of Sports Injuries at Manchester Metropolitan University, graduating in July 2004.

Penny qualified as a Chiropodist in the late '70s, and has developed her clinical expertise over the intervening years.

She joined the practice in 1995, after 18 years with the NHS as a clinical Chiropodist and as District Manager of the local Chiropody service.

Penny also developed skills as a project leader with the local NHS Trust, leading the design phase of the rebuild of Newmarket Hospital here in West Suffolk, England.

In 2001 Penny studied at The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and now has the qualification of DFHom (Pod), Diplomate of the Faculty of Homeopathy (Podiatry) 2009.This means that she can use homeopathy in conjunction with podiatry.

While carrying on a clinical caseload both in the practice premises and in patients own homes, Penny is also the Practice Manager, running the day-to-day business and helping to plan for the future.

A picture of Penny Waters
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