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  • Acute and Chronic pain clinics - we investigate how and why the pain
    started, and aim to eradicate the negatives and promote the positives.
  • Nail surgery - removal of part or all of a nail, ensuring that the nail will not grow back
  • Biomechanics - understanding the body's mechanics, both at rest and in motion.
    This is vital in maintaining it, improving it's performance and mending
    it where necessary.
  • Orthotics - prescribe and issue customised devices that control foot function,
    improve posture and symmetry.
  • Diabetic Footcare - Regular footcare is essential for maintaining healthy feet. We can provide first class treatment and advice.
  • Sports injuries - either showing in the lower limb or back. Includes
    prevention of injuries by analysing which sports individuals are best suited to.
  • Individualised exercise programmes to develop athletic potential.
  • Laser therapy - Low Intensity Light Therapy. This is a 'soft' laser that
    works by affecting cells directly within it's path photochemically. It is extremely
    good at treating pain where little blood supply is involved, such as Plantar Fasciitis
    (commonly known as heel pain)
  • Podopaediatrics - development of childrens lower limbs.


General footcare

  • Removal of hard skin or callus
  • Removal of corns
  • Problem nails eg. thickened, diseased or ingrown
  • Padding to reduce or absorb pressure
  • Verrucae treatment - either using acid preparations, Cryosurgery (freezing), Laser therapy and our brand new Swift Microwave Therapy
  • Dermatology advice
  • Sweaty/smelly feet
  • Cracked heels
  • Plantar fasciitis or painful heels
  • Metatarsalgia - pain on the ball of the foot
  • Clawed and hammer toes
  • Bacterial and fungal infections
  • Chilblains and associated problems
  • Painful bunions
  • Gout affecting the feet
  • Care of diabetic feet and any complications
  • Bursitis over the achilles tendon
These are just a few of the problems that people come to us with daily. Please do ask us if you think there is a problem that we have not mentioned above or in the list below, and you would like some help with.

Our aim is to see everyone as an individual, and provide them with the most effective mix of services that they require.

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